Former Sinclair Employee: Sinclair Put Trump In The Oval Office

“When you realize the sort of propaganda they’re pumping out there, you realize how scary this is,” said Jonathan Beaton on Sinclair’s news content.



Sinclair Media recently faced severe backlash after their anchors were made to read the same script bashing media outlets’ “fake news” propaganda.

One former Sinclair employee claimed the organization played a huge part in aiding President Donald Trump during his presidential election, so much so that without Sinclair, “Trump would not be president.”

“I would go so far as to say that if it weren’t for Sinclair Broadcasting, Donald Trump would not be in the Oval Office right now,” said Jonathan Beaton, who used to work at Sinclair-owned WPEC in West Palm Beach.

Many Sinclair anchors received hate mail and threats after the broadcast of anti-press propaganda, without any formal apology from their employers.

According to Beaton, if you want to cut ties with the broadcasting group, it is not easy. According to the former employee, he was asked to pay $25,000 if he wanted to get out of his contract, even though he was only making $44,000 annually.

Beaton worked at Sinclair as a reporter and was sued by the company for leaving the network before his contract was up. He also claimed the news coverage by the media group is politically biased.

“I’d ask loaded questions like, ‘How much do you disagree with Obama this year?’ It was disguised as real journalism. But I’m a Republican, and I was still pissed by it,” said Beaton.

“It was more than just the questions. It was the stories that we were told to do; they had to have a religious tie-in. We couldn't do stories, for the most part, that involved the LGBTQ community. Basically, there were a set of parameters and we had to stick to them,” he continued.

Beaton also regarded Sinclair’s video montage condemning media outlets as "classic Sinclair."

“What we saw over the weekend is classic Sinclair. Those reporters and anchors are waking up, and they’re humiliated and feeling depressed,” he added. “They don’t want to face the lawsuit that I’m facing.”

Sinclair Broadcasting group made headlines for pushing propaganda against free press disguised as an attempt to curb the spread of fake news.

However, according to Beaton, it is ironic Sinclair is pointing fingers at other outlets for being one-sided and biased.

“When you realize the sort of propaganda they’re pumping out there, you realize how scary this is,” said Beaton.

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