Former Student Gets Life In Prison After Murdering His Girlfriend

A 20-year-old Chinese man has been found guilty and recently given a life sentence in jail after murdering his girlfriend two years ago in Iowa.

Running away from murdering someone will almost always leave someone feeling guilty and turn themselves in. 

Li Xiangnan, a former student at the University of Iowa, fled to China after he killed his girlfriend, Shao Tong.

Eight months later, he turned himself in to authorities, according to CNN.

Xiangnan was given a life sentence in prison after strangling his girlfriend to death and then put her body in her own car.

The Intermediate People’s Court deemed the murder premeditated and Li could face up to 13 years in jail.

Shao's family was given $308,000 in compensation prior to the start of the murder trial.

Shao Chunsheng, the victim’s father, hoped for a more brutal sentencing for Li for the murder of his daughter.

"We were at least expecting a death sentence with reprieve even though we had accepted the compensation," Chunsheng said.

Before killing his girlfriend, Xiangnan bought a one-way ticket to China because he wanted to return to the country. 

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