Former Trump Models Reveal They Worked For His Agency 'Illegally'

It looks like Trump forgot he used illegal migrants at his modeling agency before declaring his hatred for them.

Presidential nominee Donald Trump is a known bigot, misogynist, racist, and manipulator with the vocabulary of a 5-year-old. Interestingly, he also loves to use situations to his advantage, and back out of his words when they no longer suit him.

Throughout his presidential campaign, the business mogul has put immigrants in the limelight, claiming that they deprive Americans of jobs and take their money. As a result, he has decided to deport around 11 million of them as soon as he takes office. He even said he would ban Muslims from entering the country and “build a wall” so that migrants cannot enter America illegally.

But his words seem to have backfired on him since models from the Trump Model Management, the Republican nominee’s New York modeling agency, are speaking up against him. Apparently, the modeling agency profited from using foreign models who did not have a work permit in the United States and were simply tourists in the country. In such a case, employers could be slapped with hefty fines and criminal charges for using undocumented labor, but of course Trump escaped it all, well, because he’s Trump. 

Speaking to Mother Jones, all the non-citizen models shared their horrors of working for reality show host. 

Donald Trump has earned nearly $2 million from the company, in which he holds an 85 percent stake but unfortunately models employed in business were charged high rents and fees for other expenses, due to which they hardly made any money. The former models, who requested to remain anonymous, revealed that they entered New York with big dreams of earning a name in the fashion industry, but all their hopes were crushed since working without a work visa meant they had to live in constant fear.

Two models even said the Trump agency made them lie to customs regarding their purpose of visit to the United States. One of them was given instructions: "If they ask you any questions, you're just here for meetings.”

So far, Hope Hicks, Trump’s campaign manager, has not provided answers to any of the queries about the modeling agency. Apparently, it has “nothing to do with” her or the campaign. That is absolutely not true, and it is insane that the business mogul is now pretending to be someone who is anti-illegal immigrants, when he runs an entire company on the same. 

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