Trump Berates Media In Front Of Troops After Saying He Wouldn't

The president said it wasn't suitable to berate the media in front of the troops. And then he proceeded to berate the media, in front of the troops.



President Donald Trump visited Fort Drum in New York and addressed the troops there to commemorate the signing of the John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act -- without mentioning John McCain.

Unlike almost all his speeches, Trump refrained from attacking the media. But not for long.

After clearly acknowledging how berating the press in front of troops was not a good practice, Trump berated the press. 

“We’ve created almost 4 million news jobs since the election — a number that the media in back would never have said would be possible, if during the campaign,” Trump said. “I’m so proud of myself, I didn’t call them the ‘fake news media.’ I said to myself, ‘I will not today in front of our great armed forces call them fake news.’ We know the truth, but we won’t say it today.”

Predictably, the troops didn't know how to respond but a small group awkwardly applauded the quip.

Trump's never-ending war with media seems to be getting worse by the day. Although his "fake news" label has become a household term, it seems the president has set off a dangerous trend that could put the lives of journalists in jeopardy.

Have a look:

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