Fox29 Wishes Dead Boxer Happy Birthday, Hoping He Will Visit City Hall

Reporters wished late boxer Joe Frazier a very happy birthday and informed viewers that he will be visiting the city hall. Frazier died in 2011.

Talk about a major reporting fail.

As it turns out, Fox 29 in Philadelphia just wished a boxer happy birthday — six years after his death.

The Fox affiliate newscast wished Joe Frazier, who actually died in 2011, a very happy birthday and informed the viewers that the boxer will be visiting the City Hall to honor championships.

“Philadelphia boxing legend Joe Frazier is celebrating his birthday today,” Fox 29 anchor Karen Hepp said in a morning bulletin on Jan 11. “Happy birthday, Joe. He’s going to be meeting with friends and supporters at City Hall this evening to honor championship youth boxing teams and coaches. … He turns 73 years old today."

“He really is a legend,” Thomas Drayton, the co-anchor of “Good Day Philadelphia” added. “Such a force.”

The careless reporters didn’t realize the force is with the angels now, nor did they even get his birthday correct.

Frazier was actually born on the Jan. 12, 1944, and not the 11th. The 1964 Tokyo Summer Olympics gold medalist would have turned 73 this year had he been alive. 

The legend was the first fighter to beat "The Greatest" Muhammad Ali for the heavyweight title in 1971. A sculpture for the boxing great stands in South Philadelphia to honor him.

People have mixed reactions toward this cringe-worthy reporting fail by the news channel.








Fox 29 spokesperson informed Philadelphia Magazine that “Good Day Philadelphia” corrected the report later in the newscast.

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