Fox & Friends Mocks Black Man's Misspelling, Excuses Trump's Typos

Fox News, the channel that never pointed out the president for his typos, just mocked a black man for misspellings.


It is no surprise that Fox News willingly ignores mistakes made by President Donald Trump to prove their loyalty towards him. However, they are quick to point out mistakes, like grammatical errors and typos, when a person of color makes them.

The “Fox & Friends” panel had all the time in the world when they berated an African-American man for incorrectly spelling a term in his lawsuit.

While reading a story pulled out from the New York Post, host Anna Kooiman told her audience about Shawn Harris, the man who stole liquor and stuffed bottles in his pocket. As a result, he got shot by the store’s owner and is now suing him for $2.7 million for his injuries.

Kooiman then said that Harris, who happened to be black, was neither a good thief nor a good writer after reading his lawsuit that stated, “I want to be compusated [sic] 2.7 million dollars for my injuries.”

The host also called Harris’ demand interesting.

While the misspelling can be interesting for Kooiman, she probably forgot all the time Fox News defended Trump for all his grammatical errors.

When the president makes a mistake it’s merely gibberish for the channel, but when a person of a color makes a similar mistake it becomes a mocking matter.

In 2016 after becoming the president elect for the country, Trump described the Chinese seizure of a U.S. Navy drone as an "unpresidented act." But for “Fox & Friends” hosts, this was a dismissible error.

Last year, when Trump got bashed for tweeting about the negative press “covfefe,” Trump’s favorite channel claimed the commander-in-chief invented a new term.


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