Sexist Fox News Segment Makes Female Host Display Spring Cleaning Tips

Co-host Abby Huntsman and a guest demonstrated some so-called spring cleaning tips and tricks as their male colleagues watched and made cringe-worthy comments.

Considering Fox News is in the middle of a raging sexual harassment controversy, thanks to its primetime host Bill O’Reilly who reportedly paid millions to settle claims of inappropriate behavior and unwanted sexual advances, one would think the network would try revamp its image to get rid of the sexist image it has culminated over the years.

However, despite the backlash it is receiving for fostering an allegedly misogynistic environment, Fox News continues to live in its alternative reality by producing cringe-worthy content setting feminist movement back 50 years.

The latest “Fox and Friends” segment is the latest example.

The bizarrely sexist video above shows co-host Abby Huntsman and a guest, eBay lifestyle contributor Anna De Souza, being forced to demonstrate some so-called spring cleaning hacks and tips while their male colleagues watched and made comments off-camera.

As if the idea to have two women mock cleaning a bed and dusting off shelves while the men reviewed their style was not chauvinistic enough, someone on Fox thought it would be a good idea to use the Coasters' “Yakety Yak” as the background music.

For those unfamiliar with the 1962 song, here are the lyrics that played in the background.

“Take out the papers and the trash / Or you don’t get no spendin’ cash / If you don’t scrub that kitchen floor / You ain’t gonna rock and roll no more / Yakety yak don’t talk back.”

It is utterly sexist and demeaning — even for “Fox and Friends” that has a history of pulling off such undignified segments.

“Guys, I know you are thrilled about all of these,” Huntsman sarcastically told her male colleagues, as they appeared on-stage post “Yakety Yak” debacle.

How did they respond?

“I’m excited to watch you do it,” remarked co-host Clayton Morris.

To put things into perspective, not too long ago, Steve Doocy from “Fox and Friends” invited a “panel of fathers” onto his and asked them if they would permit their daughters to go out in public wearing leggings. The three men discussed the issue as they watched young women model various leggings, and went on to comment on them.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Shannon Stapleton

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