Fox News Happily Airs Kim Jong Un Propaganda Like It's No Big Deal

On "Fox & Friends" Thursday, the hosts were very jovial about images of Kim Jong Un out with his wife, a big shift in what they'd said months ago.

Fox News is, simply put, the propaganda arm of President Donald Trump’s White House.

This is easily observable on most days, but a recent example of how willing they are to shift their positions on topics, including changing their tone on foreign policy matters based on the president’s attitudes, sheds some light on just how far they'll go to placate Trump.

During a "Fox & Friends" segment on Thursday, after news anchor Jillian Mele showed North Korea state media photographs featuring Kim Jong Un out with his wife, the panelists on the program were much more jovial than they have been in the past when discussing the leader.

“Turns out, Kim Jong Un is quite the romantic,” Mele said in her short segment.

Pictures of Kim touring a fish pickling factory, smiling with his wife, flashed upon the screen as she talked more about their trip.

When the news segment was done — which was, for all intents and purposes, simply promotion of state-sponsored propaganda from North Korea — the "Fox & Friends" anchors were more or less jubilant about the whole thing.

“The softer side of the dictator,” Steve Doocy commented.

“Very romantic. A fish factory,” AInsley Earhardt jokingly quipped.

Earlier in the year, however, "Fox & Friends" was less enthusiastic or forgiving of the regime. Kim Jong Un’s sister, Kim Yo Jong, who was featured representing her nation during the Olympic games on the Korean peninsula, had gained headline news coverage from many prominent news agencies, which drew ire from the morning show.

“That is ridiculous. She oversees propaganda for that country, the country that enslaves people, the country that starves people,” Earhardt said at the time.

Her co-hosts made similar comments, signaling they agreed with her.

However, in between then and now, Trump shifted his own views on North Korea, even engaging directly with Kim during a summit of the two leaders. Since then, Trump has been much friendlier with the dictator, even though the same human rights abuses are occurring in that nation, and the nuclear program they promised to dismantle is still thriving.

Nothing has changed, in other words, that could have altered the opinions of these broadcasters — nothing, that is, except the opinion of Trump. It seems that viewpoints from the hosts of "Fox & Friends" are wholly dependent on what Trump says or feels about current events.

This is a clear example that showcases how Fox News itself is nothing more than propaganda for the president. Were they a legitimate news organization, they'd be more consistent in their arguments, not basing them or amending them on account of Trump's attitudes.

Banner/thumbnail image credit: KCNA/Reuters

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