Fox Commentator: Trump Called Omarosa A 'Dog' As A Compliment

The things Fox News does and says to remain in Trump’s good books.

As President Donald Trump's favorite channel, the folks at Fox News have to perform a lot of verbal gymnastics to defend and reframe the statements of a leader who regularly yells and tweets insults.

Recently, former White House aide Omarosa Manigault released secretly-taped conversations from her time at the White House. She also alleged that Trump used the n-word to refer to her and used the word multiple times.

Trump responded to these accusations of racism by calling Omarosa “that dog” on Twitter. It was hard to miss the blatant racism in Trump’s use of the word; the use of animal terms is usually used to dehumanize people of color in Nazi propaganda.


Now, Trump supporters are trying to prove that Trump actually meant the word “dog” as a compliment.

Case in point: Commentators on Fox News were discussing MTV’s Video Music Awards (VMAs), particularly the less than tender, and well-deserved, comic treatment meted out to POTUS.

While most commentators agreed that the jokes were in poor taste (it is Fox News, after all), one of the guests had different opinions. Marie Harf, a political commentator for Fox News, argued that demanding respect for Trump is a little hypocritical since the president shows none to the women he regularly attacks.

“Look, Donald Trump says incredibly offensive things on Twitter,” she said. “Suddenly we want standards for everybody else, but not the president, who calls women dogs and says terrible things about people?”

Another commentator, a Washington Times columnist and a regular on Fox News, then jumped to Trump’s defense, saying that the commentator had got it all wrong.

“I really think ‘dog’ is a compliment. If you called me ‘my dawg’ ... ” Hurt said.


Host Eric Shawn then had to remind him that “dog’ really is not a compliment.

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