Fox Host Bizarrely Explains How Cages For Migrants Aren't Cages

“You do see some fencing, but keep in mind ? some have referred to them as ‘cages’ ? but ... this is a great, big warehouse facility.”



President Donald Trump’s favorite news source, Fox News, is known for going to extraordinary lengths to defend him. But this time, the ignorance was just too much.

“Fox and Friends” co-host Steve Doocy tried to downplay how the Trump’s administration is caging immigrant children after separating them from their parents in detention centers. Previously, families awaiting decision on whether they will be deported were either kept in separate family detention centers or released upon a court’s orders.

However, the situation is getting worse under this administration that decided on the “zero-tolerance policy” which has separated nearly 2,000 children from their families in just a couple of months.

The administration is literally tearing families to meet its target of keeping immigrants out of the country. There is a nationwide condemnation for the draconian measure separating parents from their children.


But POTUS’ die-hard fans at “Fox and Friends” proved their loyalty towards him in the most disgraceful way. While describing the immigrant detainee centers that have caged children, Doocy said they “aren’t really cages.”

In fact, he redefined the cages as “chain-link fences.”

“You do see that they have those thermal blankets, you do see some fencing, but keep in mind — some have referred to them as ‘cages,’ but, keep in mind, this is a great, big warehouse facility where they built walls out of chain link fences,” Doocy said.

He furthered his nonsensical remarks with a theory that children in those cages had blankets with them. Apparently, this implied the children weren’t being mistreated. Although, the world has seen pictures and videos of the kind of treatment these immigrant children have been receiving at the detention centers, Doocy likes to believe otherwise. 

“While some have likened ... them to concentration camps or cages, you do see that they have those thermal blankets,” he said. 

Doocy made these absurd remarks while talking with Breitbarts’ senior editor Joel Pallock.

Pallock said “border patrol facilities are not ideal, but the care they receive is better than what they had on the long trek from Central America.”

He forgot to mention the children were with their parents and not alone on those long treks.







Law enforcement agencies said on Monday that the children may be in cages but aren’t being treated like animals.


Banner / Thumbnail : CBP Handout Via Reuters

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