Fox Host Takes GOP To Task Over Shutdown

Fox’s Shepard Smith blasted the GOP for using children’s health as an excuse to not fund the government, something not even President Donald Trump now supports.

As Washington, D.C., braces for the impending government shutdown, Fox host Shepard Smith took the GOP to task for failing to pass a spending resolution that would keep government running past midnight.

Shepard Smith, the same host who has criticized President Donald Trump and other GOP leaders for focusing on the Hillary Clinton uranium scandal, used his Thursday morning segment to call out Republican lawmakers for selling the shutdown as the Democrats’ fault when Republicans are the majority in Congress.

“Back in Washington, there is one discussion: government shutdown,” Smith told his viewers. “Of course, with one party in charge of everything, a government shutdown will not happen, right? I mean, never in the history — at least modern history — of the country has there been a government shutdown when a single party is in charge of Washington.”

Smith then went on to harshly criticize Republicans for tying government funding to the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), which should have been funded in September.

“The GOP plan was to ‘dare’ the Democrats to vote against that measure saying, ‘We funded the child health insurance program or CHIP for six years,'” Smith explained. “You’re going to vote against children’s health?”

After noting that even the president supports passing the House resolution that includes CHIP, he also explained that even if the lower chamber of Congress passed the bill funding the government until Feb. 16, the problem lies in the Senate, where three Democrats and three Republicans are vowing to vote against it.

Considering that the last time government was shut down while Congress was under control of one party was between 1977 and 1979, and that after that Democrats lost both the White House and the Senate, Smith’s criticism serves as a warning that Republicans stand to lose a great deal if they choose to pull the brakes on a final deal.

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