Fox News Allegedly Spied On And Threatened A Former Host

Andrea Tantaros has claimed the network spied on her and other sexual victims of sexual harassment and used fake online accounts to intimidate her.


A federal judge dismissed former Fox News Network anchor Andrea Tantaros' lawsuit, Reuters reports.

She had accused the company of spying on her, following her complaint about sexual harassment at the network.  

U.S. District Judge George Daniels in Manhattan said Tantaros' claims were "based primarily on speculation and conjecture."


A former Fox News anchor has stepped forward once again and filed a lawsuit against the network, alleging the former CEO Roger Ailes, along with other top executives, permitted the use of fake social media accounts to spy on her after she complained of sexual harassment.

Andrea Tantaros claims it all started after she made sexual harassment claims against Ailes. She first made the allegations in 2015, where she reported the creation of “sockpuppet” Twitter accounts — fake accounts created by third-party companies to manipulate online conversations that were meant to let her know that she was under surveillance. The former Fox employee added someone from the network even installed key-logging “and other surveillance software” on her personal computer, and used the technology to spy on her.

In June 2016, she received a tweet for an ad of the "The Black Scorpion" film. This came right as one of her friends had been hospitalized following a scorpion bite. A few days later, after she and her mother had just spoken about her dead brother, she received a tweet about his death.

Next month, a friend of Tantaros' in the military told her his unit was adopting a dog called “Egypt,” after which she received a tweet with a picture of a tour company named “Egypt Tours and Travel.”

Apparently, in the same year Tantaros was offered a seven-figure payout from Fox News to drop the harassment case, which she denied after which things only got worse.

Fox News has released a statement calling Tantaros' lawsuit “a flimsy pretext to keep Ms. Tantaros and her sexual harassment claims in the public eye.”


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