Fox News Billboard Is Vandalized, But Changed Sign Seems More Accurate

A vandal by the name of thrashbird made a Fox News billboard seem more accurate, placing speech bubbles and changing the company's slogan on the sign.

A Fox News billboard in Los Angeles, California, was vandalized earlier this week, but many people may believe the changes better reflect the company’s true colors.

The billboard, which originally read “Real News. Real Honest Opinion,” was changed by a vandal who goes by the name thrashbird. They changed that slogan to read “Fake News. Dishonest Opinion.”

They also put speech bubbles near many of the news personalities’ faces, mirroring what individuals at the network have said in recent months.

The bubbles reference the policy of President Donald Trump in which immigrants were separated from their children upon crossing the border over the past year.

Near Brett Baier’s face, for example, the vandal placed the words “They R Not R Kids” (although it was actually Fox’s Brian Kilmeade who said this). Near host Laura Ingraham’s face, a separate speech bubble read, “It’s Summer Camp,” referencing her careless comparison to putting immigrant kids in cages.

Inside of a cage near the billboard is a mannequin of a child wrapped in tinfoil. Above that cage is the iconic “TRUMP” symbol, which adorns many of his properties around the world.

This artistic criticism by thrashbird seems entirely fitting, given the network’s willingness to tout the line of the Trump administration, peddling his lies and propaganda whenever possible, it seems. And while some people may criticize the destruction of property as unnecessary or even criminal, this small act of civil disobedience helps spread the message to a bigger audience — that Fox, and by proxy Trump, cannot be trusted.

More nonviolent protests are needed to tell this network, and this administration, that enough is enough; we deserve the truth, and propaganda will not be accepted.


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