Fox News Anchor Tells Teen Vogue Editor to ‘Stick to Thigh-High Boots’

Carlson called Duca a sexist for calling out Ivanka Trump over her “sinister complicity” with her dad, but then later told the editor she should “stick to thigh-high boots.”

Apparently, some people still think women who “love Ariana Grande and her thigh high boots” cannot possibly keep a level head when it comes to politics. At least, that’s what Fox news anchor Tucker Carlson thinks, yet again proving rampant sexism exists in the network.

Carlson confronted Teen Vogue editor Lauren Duca, who set the internet on fire after writing a blistering composition “Donald Trump is Gaslighting America” about President-elect Donald Trump, and asked her what she thought of the incident when Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, was confronted by a man on a JetBlue flight.

Although Duca asserted nobody deserved to be called out in a flight, especially while they are with young children, that does not mean Ivanka does not deserve to be criticized for her instrumental role in her father’s career.

“She's a powerful, powerful woman who is connected very closely to the president-elect. Not just as his daughter, but in many ways as a business confidante, an advisor,” she said.

However, the completely clueless Carlson kept asking her what she meant by Ivanka’s “sinister complicity.”

“It's sinister for a daughter to support her father's presidential campaign because you don't like her father?” he asked.

“It's sinister for a daughter to capitalize on the power of feminism ... while supporting a candidate who is the most anti-woman candidate this country has seen in decades,”Duca replied.

The Teen Vogue writer could not have said it in more simpler words, but Carlson, obviously could not grasp the subtlety of the position and went as far as to accuse the editor of sexism. It was extremely apparent by Carlson’s demeanor that he came with the intention of not trying to understand Duca – a fact that she herself grasped.

"You're actually being a partisan hack who is just attacking me and not even allowing me to speak,” said Duca.

That’s when Carlson proved he could be even more condescending and told Ducato “stick to the thigh-high boots. You're better at that.” Very interesting, since at the beginning of the conversation, he was the one to accuse Duca of being a sexist, just because she laid out the bare facts about Ivanka Trump to him.

Duca’s tweet later in the day summed up the entire debacle:


The Teen Vogue editor certainly made a lot of fans.







Watch the entire discourse in the video above.

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