McMaster Shrugs Off Criticism Over Trump's Anti-Muslim Retweets

“Why is that useful?” the Fox News host said while grilling H.R. McMaster over Trump's Islamophobic retweets.

President Donald Trump drew intense criticism recently after sharing hateful anti-Muslim videos on his Twitter account.

The videos in question were first posted on the social media website of a far-right British group, Britain First, notorious for its anti-Muslim views. So far, not a single member of the Trump administration has been able to explain why the president decided to share the hateful videos, at least one of which turned out to be completely fake.

Case in point: Trump's national security adviser, H.R. McMaster, couldn't help but deflect questions when Fox News' Chris Wallace grilled him over the POTUS' public endorsement of Islamophobia.

“Why did President Trump send out those videos?” asked Wallace.

“President Trump is the best judge of why he did that, but I know it was his intention to highlight the importance of creating safe and secure environments for our citizens, to make sure we have the right laws in place,” McMaster responded.

Wallace pointed out the videos promoting by Trump had inaccuracies. One of the video titled "Muslim migrant beats up Dutch boy on crutches" did not in fact show a Muslim migrant, Dutch police confirmed. He also mentioned that Jayda Fransen, deputy leader of Britain First group, who originally posted the videos, was convicted of hate crimes.

“Why is that useful?” Wallace asked.

McMaster had no answer and he, instead, started praising the Trump administration for combating terrorism.

"I mean the key thing is, as you highlight the real risk these terrorists pose to our citizens, that we make sure we never buy into or reinforce the terrorist narrative, this false narrative that this is a war of religion," McMaster said.

When Wallace interrupted and pointed out Trump's retweets were "about Muslim violence," McMaster once again, did not answer the question, but instead argued that religious terrorists are damaging religion to suit their violent tactics.

"Well, those who adhere to this ideology are really irreligious criminals who use a perverted, what the President has called a wicked interpretation of religion, in an effort to recruit young, impressionable people to their cause, to foment hatred," McMaster said.

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