Hillary Clinton Is "Too Calm" For Fox News

Even before the Democratic presidential candidate could finish her speech, the Fox News host had something to say about her demeanor.

There is just no pleasing some people.

Just last week, Fox News’ Brit Hume criticized Democratic presidential front-runner (and expected candidate) Hillary Clinton for “shouting angrily” while speaking after winning several primary races, while Howard Kurtz, the host of Fox's “Media Buzz program, encouraged her to use “a more conversational tone.”

Now, the channel is condemning the former secretary of state for being “too calm” while talking about terrorism and Islamic State — because when it comes to her voice and demeanor (and probably her very existence), Fox News will always have a problem with Clinton.

Clinton on Wednesday visited Stanford University to speak about counter-terrorism in the wake of bombings that killed at least 35 and injured 270 in the Belgian capital of Brussels. While the former first lady was talking about her foreign policy, the Fox News cut away from her speech to nitpick her “collected tone of voice.”

“And did you notice that calm and collected tone of voice right there?” host Heather Nauert commented on the brief segment of speech they aired before muting the rest. “She said we need strong, steady leadership, implying the Republican candidates could not provide that.”

The commentary did not stop there.

“She’s a little too calm,” guest Monica Crowley, opinion editor for the Washington Times, responded. “I mean part of the criticism of President Obama, particularly yesterday when he was in Cuba and the Brussels attack was being carried out, is that he’s too passionless.”

Well, if it were someone like Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump (who is ironically Fox’s most featured candidate despite his conflict with Megyn Kelly) talking about something extremely rudimentary, would the channel have ever cut away from him? The answer is no, obviously.

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However, it seems no matter how Clinton handles her emotions, it will never be good enough for the right-wing media organization.

“It's understandable that Americans here at home are worried. The threat we face from terrorism is real, urgent and it knows no boundaries,” Clinton had said during her speech at Encina Hall on the Stanford University campus. “ISIS is attempting genocide of religious and ethnic minorities ... We need to rely on what actually works, not bluster that alienates our partners.”

Watch the Fox News segment in the video above.

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