Fox News Suggests Firing Cannons Can Help School Shooting Victims

“An active shooter will expect law enforcement to intervene through doors. With this cannon, [they] can fire the cannon at any wall to create their own ‘door.’”

Santa Fe High School

Fox News’ self-described defense specialist has an absurd solution to reduce fatalities in school shootings: blasting down school walls with cannons.

Allison Barrie wrote about a cannon called the “BCB Wall Breaker” in a weekly feature “Fox Firepower.” In the column, she bizarrely talked about how an ordinary water bottle can be turned into a missile when loaded into the “amazing” cannon.

Not only that, she went ahead and suggested that the cannon can be used to save lives of children across the United States in case of future school shootings.

Barrie added the cannon can be used to blast down school walls which in turn would help rescue children who are trapped during a time of mass shooting.

The writer also suggested different ways the cannon could be used and said it could be placed on vehicle and bottles can be blasted from there or can be fired by simply wheeling it up by hand.

She also said the water bottles can be used in several ways and can be filled with different materials depending on the “mission.”

“With mere water bottles, it is powerful enough to punch holes through pretty much any civilian wall it could ever encounter - from solid brick walls through to double layer breeze-block walls. Metal is also child’s play for this cannon. The Wall Breaker can also tear through cars, vans and trucks with ease,” read the article.

Barrie also bizarrely suggested “tips” to the law enforcement agencies.

“The cannon can also be useful for perpetrator apprehension. An active shooter will expect law enforcement to intervene through doors and windows. With this cannon, law enforcement can fire the cannon at any wall to create their own ‘door,’” she added.

The article completely drives away from the fact that as a result of the suggestion given by Barrie, which is blasting down school walls,there is a chance students might be buried in the rubble.

Over all, the entire article is senseless and ignores to target the real culprit of school shootings: Guns. No, Barrie, schools don’t need cannons to rescue children. They need gun laws to protect them.

School shootings in 2018 alone have already claimed 31 lives in the United States – and it’s only May. The number of school shootings and deaths is higher in 2018 than any year since 2000. This year has already claimed three times more lives than the previous deadliest year of 2005 through May.

Despite of the alarming statistics, the Trump administration still hasn’t done anything to implement to make schools safer.

The administration has issued a travel ban and aims to keep out “criminals” from entering the United States but completely fails to act on what the American people support – stricter gun laws.

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