Fox News Host Jesse Watters Blasted For Sexist Ivanka Trump Comments

A Fox News anchor is apparently going on vacation after he was called out for making suggestive remarks about Ivanka Trump.

On an April 25 segment of “The Five”, Fox News anchor Jesse Watters, who was speaking about Ivanka Trump’s appearance at a women’s conference in Berlin, had his crude and sexist personality on full display.

Watters, with a smirk and a weird hand gesture, commented on the way President Donald Trump's daughter held the microphone. "It's funny, the left says they really respect women, and then when given an opportunity to respect a woman like that, they boo and hiss. So I don't really get what's going on here, but I really liked how she was speaking into that microphone," he said.

Of course, people aren’t stupid, and they immediately noticed that Watters’ comments were anything but innocent. However, when the host got called out by internet users on his gross remarks, he immediately turned things around and tweeted: "On air I was referring to Ivanka's voice and how it resonates like a smooth jazz radio DJ. This was in no way a joke about anything else."

But he didn’t get away easily. Within no time, netizens took to his social media pages to call him out for his disgraceful antics.





Now, in latest news, Watters is all of a sudden taking a “vacation with his family.” That was the same excuse used before Bill O'Reilly was ousted from the network this week. 

A representative of the host also sent ThinkProgress a statement on his behalf:

“During the break we were commenting on Ivanka’s voice and how it was low and steady and resonates like a smooth jazz radio DJ. This was in no way a joke about anything else.”

It is quite ridiculous that despite the fact that Fox News is in the midst of numerous sexual harassment claims against its hosts and numerous people have accused the network of questionable behavior, Watters couldn’t be a little careful while speaking on air. He has just earned himself a place in the list of the sexist anchors working for the network. 

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