Fox News Host Thinks Retweeting Neo-Nazis Is OK

Yet another prominent American conservative has given British neo-Nazis and far-right personalities a platform by retweeting them. Will they ever learn?

Laura Ingraham, a well-known conservative radio personality and Fox News host, retweeted a British neo-Nazi. After users noted that the source of her tweet had been arrested for threatening other members of the far-right movement, she deleted her post but not before the incident was picked up by news outlets.

Mark Collett, who once served as the youth chair of the British National Party (BNP), a far-right organization that sees immigration as destructive and that hopes to deport millions of immigrants out of the United Kingdom, had posted a video depicting a street full of trash and homeless people. The post with the video was then retweeted by Ingraham, who asked if anyone could confirm whether the video showed images of current-day Paris.

The footage was accompanied by a caption that read, “This is what third world immigration does to Europe,” but did not mention France.

Collett has had his share of scandals, having been arrested for having allegedly threatened to kill the former BNP leader, Nick Griffin.

After the arrest, Collett was pushed away from the BNP but remained in the public eye, writing the book “The Fall of the Western Man,” which was later celebrated by former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke. But long before that, he had already been very open about his fascist tendencies.

In a British Channel 4 documentary called "Young, Nazi and Proud," Collett is seen saying that AIDS is “a friendly disease because blacks, drug users and gays have it.” He’s also described as an admirer of Adolf Hitler.

Even after several Twitter users alerted Ingraham about Collett, the tweet remained in place for some time. Later, however, Ingraham finally deleted the tweet, telling her users that she was just questioning the video's authenticity.

While Ingraham said she was not aware of who Collett was prior to retweeting him, it's important to note that many conservative leaders, including President Donald Trump, have retweeted far-right personalities in the past, often to make a point about immigration or Islam that is easy to debunk.

If conservatives want to make better arguments, then they should double check the sources of their material before mindlessly reposting it online.

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