Fox News Ignores Manafort, Covers Cheeseburger Emoji Instead

Instead of focusing on the most important story today, Fox News distracted audience with cheeseburger emojis and the proper placement of cheese in a sandwich.

Paul Manafort inside of a vehicle.

Paul Manafort, President Donald Trump’s campaign chairman, was indicted on money laundering charges on Monday. But to Fox News, a cheeseburger emoji story seemed to be more newsworthy.

Raw Story reports that the network interrupted its coverage of Manafort’s indictment several times, and that one of the stories they covered while they really should have been covering the money laundering charges, involved a cheeseburger emoji and how “the cheese should be on top of the burger,” “Fox & Friends” host Steve Doocy reported.

Thankfully, folks on Twitter did not let this hilarious deviation from important news go unnoticed.

Still, even as his campaign chairman and former associate is indicted, Trump took to Twitter to praise Fox News on focusing on Hillary Clinton and the DNC instead.  

Of course, mockery ensued.

By the looks of it, Trump and his trusted network will continue to live in denial, no matter who gets indicted and how many more members of the president’s inner circle get targeted by the FBI’s Russia investigation.

The question is: Will Fox News ignore the investigation when the FBI comes knocking on Trump's door?

Banner and thumbnail image credit: Reuters/Carlo Allegri

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