College President Calls The Cops On Fox News Ambusher Jesse Watters

Hampshire College President Jonathan Lash called the police on Fox News’ Jesse Watters after Watters refused to allow him to close the door to his house to end his interview.

Remember Jesse Watters, the Fox News ambusher who attracted headlines after doing an incredibly racist segment on Asian-Americans in October?

Well, someone just called the cops on him.

It all started when Watters wanted to interview Hampshire College President Jonathan Lash for "The O'Reilly Factor" about the decision to temporarily take down the campus’ American flag following a series of incidents involving desecration.

“Jesse Watters with 'The O’Reilly Factor,' Fox News Channel, good to see you,” Watters introduced himself as Lash left his car.

“Not good to see you,” Lash swiftly responded.

As Lash entered his house, Watters suddenly stuck his foot the doorway.

“Come on, get your foot out of my door,” said Lash.

“President Lash, why’d you remove the flag?” the annoying Fox News ambusher insisted.

“I don’t want to talk to you about it. Would you please remove your foot from my door?” Lash answered yet again while trying to shut the door.

Obviously, the college president grew angry and then did what most people in his situation would’ve done: call the cops.

“We regularly engage with the media and participate in interviews and have done so often in recent weeks,” Hampshire College spokesman John Courtmanche said in a statement.

“Members of the media are familiar with widely accepted protocols to contact the office of communications to coordinate interview requests. In this instance, a Fox reporter and camera person did not request an interview but rather entered private property and then tried to prevent the president of the college from entering his private home. As a result, campus security and the local police department were alerted.”

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