Fox News Hosts Think Immigrant Detainees Are Living The High Life

“The party is over for illegal criminals in jail. They’re enjoying seven hours of outdoor activity. Who gets that anymore? Fresh sheets. No need to learn English.”

Fox News is apparently under the impression that immigrants are living a luxurious life in detention centers. In the latest episode of notoriously sexist and racist “Fox & Friends,” hosts Brian Kilmeade and Ainsley Earhardt sounded offended that immigrant detainees have “perks” not enjoyed by the common man.

“The party is over for illegal criminals in jail,” Kilmeade said, commenting on President Donald Trump and his administration’s search for new jail contracts with fewer regulations to ensure immigrant safety. “Get this: They’re enjoying seven hours of outdoor activity. Who gets that anymore? Fresh sheets, and absolutely?—?I don’t get that. No need to learn English. I was born with that. But the Trump administration vowing a new plan to cut back on perks in their immigration crackdown, saying, expect a far less detailed set of regulations?—?maybe even dirty sheets?—?including no translation services, so learn English.”

In a later segment, Earhardt echoed Kilmeade’s words:

“Seven hours of outdoor activity, freshly washed sheets, and absolutely no need to learn English. That’s the easy life of an illegal immigrant inside American jails. But now, the Trump administration says the party is over.”

It is unbelievable how ignorant some of the Fox News anchors are to the plight of the immigrants. With their elitist mentality, they believe living a life of detention is easy. They have branded the detainees as criminals even though many of them are hardly that. Thousands of the detainees are children whose parents fled war torn zones and a life of oppression  only to land at detention centers that are hardly the kind of paradise Fox News make them out to be.

Immigrants awaiting deportation are routinely denied due process and forced to live in inhumane conditions, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Many of the immigrants are transferred to detention centers in handcuffs and sometimes even shackles. Their mobility is limited and they live in a large room with a number of other detainees, so privacy is very  hard to come by.

The detainees lack adequate health care, resulting in at least five deaths a year. They also suffer widespread abuse, including sexual violence, as they pine away in detention centers for month. Some of the centers lack basic hygiene facilities and serve detainees rotten food.

No special provisions are offered for children either. There have been cases where drinking water was the recommended treatment for detainees who had fallen sick or injured — including one where a 6-year-old girl who vomited blood for days was given medical treatment only after she fell unconscious.

Conditions have been so dismal at immigration centers nationwide that many detainees have staged a hunger strikes to call for better food and medical treatment – including in Texas, California, Washington and Louisiana.

It seems the inhumane conditions will not be getting any better anytime soon, as  Trump has awarded the infamous GEO Group his very first federal contract for a new immigration detention facility.

The project is expected to generate “$44 million in annualized revenue and returns on investment,” a profit that is made with the blood and sweat – and sometimes even the lives — of detainees.

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