Fox Used Unnamed Source By Mysterious Writer To Defend Trump — Again

Not only did Fox News use an unnamed source to defend Trump, it also did not post a byline of the author.

This is one unnamed, unreliable source of news that you won't hear President Donald Trump raging about on Twitter.

For months now, the president has been after news outlets like CNN for not revealing their sources and claimed the media outlets put out “fake news” just so they could malign him. But now, his favorite “news” channel has done something similar to defend him.


On Friday, Fox News published a piece titled "Trump, Kushner never blackmailed Scarborough, source says.” The story has no byline and cites a single source "familiar with the matter" who denied that the White House had presented MSNBC’s "Morning Joe" co-host Joe Scarborough with two alternatives: apologize for his network's negative coverage of the president, or face a retaliatory piece in the National Enquirer, according to Newsweek.

The unnamed person claimed that Scarborough reached out to Jared Kushner, Trump's son-in-law and senior aide, requesting Kushner stop the National Enquirer from publishing a story on his relationship with his fiancée, co-host Mika Brzezinski. Apparently, Scarborough hoped that Trump would be able to pull some strings and ask his friend, David Pecker, who is the CEO of American Media, the parent company of National Enquirer, to stop the story from coming out.

"Well, then maybe you should apologize," was Kushner's blunt response according to the source.

Scarborough claimed on his show that he received the threat through phone calls but Trump later tweeted it the MSNBC host called him to urge him to halt the National Enquirer story.

The Fox news piece echoes Trump's account on Twitter.


This is not the first time Fox News has come out in support of the highly controversial president, and that too using unnamed sources. Previously, in a piece titled “Jared Kushner didn't suggest Russian communications channel in meeting, source says,” Fox News used the same tactic of not revealing the name of the writer, and using another unnamed source who they claimed was “familiar with the matter.” The piece claimed that Russia, not Kushner, suggested a channel of communication between the White House and the Kremlin.

Donald Trump is yet to express his outrage at this unnamed source.

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