Texas Tech Frat Members Discuss Hunting Immigrants In Leaked Chat

Texas Tech University's Interfraternity Council president, along with other members, suggested the U.S. government should allow licenses to shoot immigrants.

A chat group comprised of fraternity students at Texas Tech University was made public on Thursday evening, displaying the group’s bigoted hostility toward immigrants entering the U.S.

The “conversation,” if it can be called that, was started by Texas Tech’s Interfraternity Council President Kyle Mitchell, who said to the group, “let’s argue about immigration.” That led to a plethora of detestable comments from him and other members of the group.

In one example, Mitchell, who goes by the screenname “The cocaine cowboy,” posted a comment suggesting immigrants should be shot at.

“I’m telling you, build a wall, and the us govt. can sell permits for legal hunting on the border and we can make a sport of this, can be a new tax revenue stream for the gov,” he wrote.

Another member of the group echoed those sentiments, writing, “Don't bother reporting them just use a firing squad.”

Some in the group made racist comments about keeping some immigrants in the country.

“We should deport only the unathletic illegals,” one user wrote, “our soccer team needs some help.”

Mitchell responded to that suggestion. “We need some cooks too,” he wrote. “And a few Gardner's [sic], but the rest of them f*** them."

In response to that, another user named Alex Provost responded “Slaves.”

Mitchell again inserted himself into the conversation, writing, “Wrong race.”

The university was quick to condemn the comments from Mitchell and other fraternity members.

“The messages shared on social media are abhorrent and strongly condemned,” the university said in a statement. “University officials are investigating this matter. Texas Tech University is proud of the inclusivity and rich cultures that make up our community. These insensitive and racially charged messages do not reflect the core values of the institution.”

Other members of the Interfraternity Council also condemned the commentary by its president.

“The words and ideas expressed in these messages do not represent the ideals and values of the IFC and Texas Tech University,” Mitchell’s vice president, Ethan Louis, Smith said. “This reprehensible language has no place...within our organization, school, or society.”

Other universities across the country have taken disciplinary action against frat leaders who espouse such vitriol, and Texas Tech should act no differently in this specific situation. Mitchell’s comments, as well as others who engaged with him in the detestable and immoral sentiments against immigrants, should not be deemed acceptable by the university, and his removal from his position (and from the fraternity system itself) is more than deserved.

Racism and bigotry isn’t always evident — there are instances at universities across America when hatred isn’t this obvious. But when something like this does come out, university leaders must respond with actions that are both swift and uncompromising, and which demonstrate that this type of behavior and rhetoric cannot be found even remotely acceptable by campus leaders.

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