Video Shows Freaky Tornado Rip Through A Highway Toll Booth

While two toll booths were instantly overturned during the storm, road signs fell to the floor and traffic came to a halt on the motorway.

A motorway in the Chinese city of Liaoyuan, in the Jilin province, was left in an utter mess after a freakish tornado swept through the toll area and farmland.

The tornado hit the motorway on July 25, and a video captured by people from inside a vehicle shows the effect it had on the surrounding areas. While debris flew around like paper, and security barriers tumbled over like they weighed nothing, road signs fell to the ground and made it impossible for cars to pass through.

Some vehicles on the road were also destroyed on the spot, as heavy rain disrupted activities in the city.

The police have warned commuters to watch out for weather changes. Strong winds and rain may be seen over the next few days, and locals have been told to turn on their hazard lights in such a situation.

China flooding

China flooding 2016

China Floods 2016

China has been facing a number of damaging storms over the last couple of months. Reports have showed that torrential rains and floods have left around 164 people dead and 125 missing across 10 cities in North China. The country’s authorities have allocated approximately $37.4 million for disaster relief in the Hebei province.

Southwest China floods

Southwest China floods 2016

Locals are expressing their anger over the lack of government warnings regarding the harsh weather conditions, and around 300,000 people have had to flee their homes as a result.

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