Who Killed Freddie Gray? Apparently, No One

In the aftermath of the ruling that cleared the police officers involved in the death of Freddie Gray, some critical questions still remain.

Freddie Gray

Apparently, no one was responsible for Freddie Gray’s death.

Last week, all remaining charges against the three Baltimore cops involved in Gray’s death were dropped — leaving no one responsible for the death of the 25-year-old man, who was placed in handcuffs and chains at the back of a police van without a seat belt after an illegal arrest.

Although people in law enforcement agencies would like to cover up Gray’s death as an accident, some are calling out the inherent bias in the criminal-justice system.

Baltimore City State Attorney Marilyn Mosby, in a fiery defense of her case last week said, “We do not believe Freddie Gray killed himself. We stand by the medical examiner's determination that Freddie Gray's death was a homicide.”

DA Marilyn Mosby

In Gray’s case, the medical examiner said the death was a homicide because the officers involved in the arrest failed to follow proper safety guidelines. However, the court did not agree with the coroner’s conclusion that gave proof of the officers’ negligence.







It’s evident that even if all the facts are on the victim’s side, the justice system is warped to make what seems to be a clear cut prosecution, into nothing more than mere speculation — even if the facts include damning evidence like when police brutality acts are caught on video or when a medical examiner rules the death as a homicide — and African-American communities have been aware of this for quite some time.



In fact, the higher ups at the task force often stand up to speak in behalf of their subordinates and criticize the prosecutors for trying to malign the police force — even if all the evidence point to their guilt — as happened in Gray’s case.

“Justice has been done,” said Gene Ryan, president of FOP Lodge 3, which represents city police officers. “The evidence is proven. … There was no wrongdoing by any six of these officers.”

Ryan also added Mosby's comments earlier in the day were “outrageous and uncalled for and simply not true.”

Civil right advocates, like Mosby, believe the dismissal of Gray’s case despite overwhelming evidence sends a wrong message to the community.

If the court consistently turns a blind eye to irrefutable evidence of police guilt, than nobody would be held accountable for the innumerable innocent deaths. And if that becomes the case, who will the bereaved families of victims like Freddie Gray turn to for justice?





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