Free Press? Trump Kicks Out Yet Another Reporter From Campaign Rally

Donald Trump's security removed a Politico reporter from his San Jose rally after catching the journalist in the general seating area typing on a laptop.

Donald Trump, the former TV reality star and GOP presidential candidate, has once again denied a Politico reporter from attending one of his campaign rallies.

One of Trump’s security guards and campaign staffer removed an unnamed Politico reporter from the Trump rally in San Jose, California, last night, Gawker reports.

Prior to the start of the rally, the journalist was caught by staff when he or she was seen working on their laptop without a press pass.

The reporter was attending the rally with a general admission ticket and had been refused entry to the press area, so was sitting in the designated area for the public.

A Trump campaign staff member spotted the journalist, noting that the reporter has previously been refused entry to Trump events upon requesting identification.

The staff member disappeared for several minutes and returned with a security guard who then escorted the writer to the nearest exit.

According to Politico, minutes after the reporter was ejected, the Trump campaign sent the journalist in question an email stating that they would not be receiving a press pass to Trump’s Friday night rally in Redding, California.

After the incident, the Trump campaign played innocent as campaign spokeswoman Hope Hicks wrote in an email that they were not cognizant of the journalist being removed.

She wrote, “The campaign is not aware of the incident or any details pertaining to it and therefore cannot comment.”

Trump’s manipulation of the media should not go without notice, nor should it be taken lightly, as his presidency would dictate a serious threat to freedom of the press.  


Banner/Thumbnail Credit: REUTERS/Denis Balibouse

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