Why Is This French Bakery Hiding Diamonds In Its Pastries?

Businesses have resorted to a variety of techniques to boost their sales, but this French bakery has come up with an absolutely out-of-the box idea.

In an attempt to boost sales and attract more customers to their bakery, a French couple has resorted to hiding diamonds in their pastries.

Nicolas Lelut, 35, and his wife Julie, 30, have apparently put diamonds into two pastries out of 800 plain ones and are now expecting a rush of people outside their bakeries Délices de Belleville in Paris and L’Amandine in Custines.

The sale is going to kick off Jan. 6, a day that marks the the Epiphany, a Christian feast day celebrating the baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist.

While one pastry at Délices de Belleville will have a white diamond, the one at L’Amandine will contain a blue one.

It is important to note that since the diamonds are extremely small, customers do not have to fear swallowing it down. The duo has also inserted bigger fake diamonds in baked items but upon finding them, customers can exchange the fake gems for real ones at the shop.

Although other eateries have come up with items like gold sprinkled donuts, the two French bakeries are the first two use diamonds in edibles. After all this effort, one can only hope that the plan turns out to be as successful as imagined, and people actually line up outside the stores-leading to a boost in sales.

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