Woman Says ‘Do Not Touch’, Still Gets Kissed On Live TV

French TV host Jean-Michel Maire completely disregarded a guest's words and actions, as if a woman’s consent just didn’t matter. He then kissed her on the breast.

Many cases of rape are conveniently blamed on the female victim, stating that she most probably “asked for it” by wearing revealing clothes or signaling the rapist.

However, an incident recorded on a popular French TV show called "TPMP" (Touche pas à mon poste!), shows a panelist kissing a woman on her breast. The Superior Council of Audiovisual (CSA), the French body which regulates radio and television received hundreds of complaints soon after.  

The woman, only known as Soraya, was playing Kim Kardashian on the show, in a parody of the Paris robbery while presenter Jean-Michel Maire had assumed the role of the locksmith.

After the performance, show host Cyril Hanouna suggested that Maire must kiss Soraya on the cheek. The woman clearly refused with “touche pas” which translates to “don't touch,” but her words were blatantly ignored.

"She said yes. She said yes."

"I said no,” Soraya replied.

The men demanded that she give an excuse for her refusal. When the woman, who by now was feeling quite uncomfortable, said that people were watching, Maire suggested that they could do it backstage. He then leaned in to peck her on the cheek. Soraya, who was clear on not wanting to kiss the man, moved her face away, but apparently the man was not familiar with the concept of consent and went on to kiss her on her breast.

It is appalling that despite saying no twice and turning her head away, Maire paid no heed to Soraya’s words. Reportedly, he has apologized to her, but there has been no public apology. In all fairness, since the act was done in public, the apology should be made out there too.

According to French law which defines sexual assault as “any sexual act that involves violence, coercion, threat or surprise,” Maire’s disgusting move on the woman could earn him a jail sentence of up to five years and a fine of 75,000 euros.

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