Standing Ovation: Samantha Bee Tears Trump's Refugee Ban Apart

Chaos, lawsuits and protests have erupted across the country as a result of Donald Trump's controversial travel ban.

The Trump administration seems to be getting a lot of bad juju over its 90-day immigration ban on seven predominantly Muslim countries, a 120-day ban on refugees and an indefinite ban on Syrian refugees.

Former correspondent for "The Daily Show" Samantha Bee made full use of her weekly program "Full Frontal" to attack the Trump for turning away refugees.

"Immigrants are people who leave their country hoping for a better life," Bee explained. "Refugees are people who flee their country hoping just to stay alive. Also, refugees don't get to pick where they go. They wait patiently for any country to take them."

“I won’t mention that this refugee ban is immoral, embarrassing and inhuman. I’ll just point out that it is the act of a giant p***y,” she added. “Here is a man who’s afraid of germs, stairs, books, unprocessed food, women, birds, Muslims, Russian pee tapes, inner cities and, of course, strong winds. But he can’t recognize the courage of people who survived literal war zones to come to a new country, start over with nothing and keep going each day despite the contempt with which we’re horrible enough to treat them."

She had hinted at what was coming ahead the night before, but the show itself is enough to blow anyone away.


During his presidential campaign, Donald Trump promised to clamp down on immigration as a way to prevent terrorism. He first proposed a ban on Muslims entering the United States, modifying that later to "extreme vetting" of immigrants from certain countries.

The ban affects travelers with passports from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. Even green card holders are not being allowed back in until they are re-screened.

Confusion abounded at airports as immigration and customs officials struggled to interpret the new rules, with some legal residents who were in the air when the order was issued detained at airports upon arrival.

Thousands of refugees seeking entry were thrown into limbo.

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