The Funniest Moments Of The 2016 Presidential Campaign

The 2016 election campaign has been a rollercoaster ride, but now it’s time to look back at some of its most memorable moments.

America's 2016 election campaign might be the most closely watched contest in world history.

There is so much relying on the outcomes, and so much unpleasantness, that we've lost sight of some of the funnier moments.

Of course, many moments during the presidential run were not in the least pleasant. There have been insults and divisiveness from both sides.

That's why we need to hold on to a few choice memories, like when Jeb Bush begged an audience to “please clap” and Chris Christie’s zombie face while listening to Donald Trump at Super Tuesday — and who can forget the time when Donald Trump had a case of sniffles at the second presidential debate.

From the elementary school level name-calling sessions to the candidates enjoying a laugh at their opponents’ expense, both the Democratic and Republican hopefuls successfully delivered quite a large number of funny (read: cringeworthy) moments.

Take a look at some of the funniest moment from the U.S. election 2016 campaign in the video above.

Banner/thumbnail credit: Reuters, Joshua Roberts 

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