Funny Sign Raising Questions About Georgia's Gun Law Ignites Debate

The sign illustrates the point gun control advocates and critics of Georgia's new gun carry law perfectly. A heated debate was ignited online.

Silhouette of man holding gun.

Despite the decades of debate concerning gun control laws, the fight between gun control proponents and those who oppose it seem to only heat up. Now, a sign that has popped up in Georgia is helping to illustrate gun control advocates' points in an irreverent manner.

In March, Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal signed a bill into law that allows public college students and faculty to carry handguns on campuses. While the law still upholds some restrictions, students and faculty members are allowed to carry guns legally in science labs across the state. And that's precisely where the sign popped up.

On Reddit, the image of the sign posted outside the University of Georgia's lab ignited a debate between many gun control proponents and a few gun rights advocates, with people even using puns and calling the state's new law a “vial piece of satire.”

The sign depicts the two classes of objects that are now allowed in the lab “in the interest of personal safety.”

Guns, the sign shows, are OK, but open-toed sandals, short skirts, shorts, flip-flops, and any piece of clothing that exposes the bare skin aren't. That, commentators suggested, is due to the fact that chemicals may hurt people who aren't properly protected. Still, the initial idea was to make people laugh at the notion that flip-flops are dangerous but guns aren't.

Campus carry recently became law in the state of Georgia. This was posted outside a lab at UGA. from pics

When signing the bill into law, Deal defended the step by saying that assailants may easily “target these students knowing full well that their victims are not permitted to carry protection, even those who are weapons carry license holders, because they are either going to or coming from a campus where no weapons are allowed.”

But critics disagree, saying that the new law is reckless and that lawmakers behind the bill failed to ask what faculty and campus police thought of the law before pushing it through the state legislature.

Andy Pelosi, executive director of the pro-gun control advocacy group The Campaign to Keep Guns Off Campus, actually brought up blind spots of the law, saying that laboratories are “sensitive places on campus” where gun carry should not be allowed.

“Legislators just rammed this legislation through without any real thought about the practical consequences and how it should be implemented,” Pelosi suggested.

Still, critics of the law add the bill was pursued and then signed into law, regardless of what educational field experts and actual faculty think of the legislation. And according to at least one Reddit user, firearms and labs don't mix because guns are made of steel, and they may actually create “problems with stronger magnetic fields.”

Unfortunately, it seems that government officials aren't too concerned about the real-world consequences of their decisions and may continue to ignore concerns brought up by advocates, unless said advocates become louder or more aggressive when making their points — or unless an unfortunate incident takes place, forcing them to rethink their policy.

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