Zimmerman Thrown Out Of Bar For Being His Usual Racist, Lying Self

George Zimmerman snatched a card out of waitress’s hand, used a racial slur, and then lied to the police about a black pastor hitting him, all in one night.

Why is this man not in jail again? Or better yet, a psychiatric ward?

George Zimmerman, the killer of Trayvon Martin and torturer of the boy’s family, yet again showed his true colors — that he is an unrepentant, violent, racist liar — by yelling at a waitress and using a racial slur on a black customer, then lying about it to the police.

Zimmerman was kicked out of a Florida bar Wednesday night after he accused a black man of hitting him — a claim that turned out to be false — and then used a racial slur.

The bar’s surveillance camera picked up on 38-year-old black lay pastor Floyd L. Narcisse of Deltona, Florida, who had extended his hand to Zimmerman in greeting, which was refused. The man then patted Zimmerman on the arm, but the next thing he knew, Zimmerman was accusing him of assault.

That wasn’t the only disturbance Zimmerman created that day.

Deputies arrived after they received reports that Zimmerman yelled at a waitress and ripped a card out of her hand when she was trying to collect a bill.

“I didn’t know you were a n***** lover,” he told her.

While deputies were trying to lead him out, Zimmerman accused Narcisse of hitting him and then insulted one of the deputies as well, calling him “an incompetent officer underqualified to flip burgers.”

“I want to press charges. The narrative on the front is true and correct,” he wrote in his report. “Officer Nickell is an incompetent officer under qualified to flip burgers.”

“That man's crazy,” said Narcisse of Zimmerman.

Authorities stated Zimmerman was not the only person in his group who was using racial slurs.

After the news emerged, Twitter users posted their opinions of the man.








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