George Zimmerman Punched For Bragging About Killing Trayvon Martin

The account of the alleged incident given by Zimmerman conflicts with what other witnesses told the police in Sanford, Florida.

George Zimmerman, the man who fatally shot an unarmed teenager and was acquitted for the death, told the police he was punched in the face while he was at a restaurant in Sanford, Florida.

Zimmerman told deputies the alleged incident occurred after he complimented a customer on his “Confederate flag” tattoos, according to the report by Seminole County sheriff. A friend of the tattooed customer then asked Zimmerman if he was the person who shot 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in 2012.

When the former neighborhood watch volunteer showed his identification to prove he was indeed that Zimmerman, a man, only identified as Eddie, appeared, accusing the acquitted murderer of bragging about the shooting.

Zimmerman told the deputies he replied, "No," and went back to his seat after which the man used an expletive and demanded he leave the restaurant.

A few moments later, Eddie went over to where Zimmerman and his friend were seated and punched him.

Subsequently, Zimmerman called 911, telling the dispatcher Eddie threatened to kill him. He also claimed he didn’t brag about killing Martin.

Witnesses, however, have a different story to tell.

Joseph Whitmer, the man whose tattoos Zimmerman admired, says Zimmerman introduced himself as the “guy who killed Trayvon Martin.”

Whitmer’s wife, Beverly, says Zimmerman took out his driver's license, showing it off to prove his identity.

David Worrell, who claims to be the one to asked about Zimmerman’s identity, says once he saw Zimmerman's ID, he asked him to leave them.

He went on to add that a few minutes later, another man approached Zimmerman’s table and they exchanged angry words. While Worrell didn’t describe any physical altercation, he said an object, perhaps a cell phone, was knocked away from a friend of Zimmerman’s, Gregory Horne.

Horne, however, has an entirely different story to tell. He claims five men came to their table, and “began yelling at Mr. Zimmerman and acting in a threatening manner towards him.” Horne claims he intervened between Zimmerman and a man who punched him and also tried to record the argument with his phone, but one of the men threw it.

The phone wasn’t damaged so he called 911 as did Zimmerman.

"We were standing right here eating," Zimmerman told a 911 operator in a recording released by police. "This man punched me in the face. He said he's gonna kill me. You need to send three or four cops."

The matter is currently under investigation. No one has yet been charged.

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