Georgia Father Perishes In Fire After Saving His Children From Blaze

“I couldn’t be more proud of him," said mother-in-law Karen Wingo of deceased Brandon Gamble. "They just woke up; the house was engulfed in flames."

A brave Georgia father sacrificed his life to save his five children from their burning house in Clayton County, according to The Root.

Brandon Gamble put himself in the line of fire to ensure the safety of his children, but he couldn't save himself in the end.

It was a heroic act on his part that his family will forever remember. Firefighters appeared on the scene, and Gamble's wife, Tyesha, was outside bloodied, according to neighbors' accounts to WSB-TV.

He was seen dropping his children out of the window of the burning house and dismissed his wife's plea that the fire was too extreme to go and rescue their children, according to his mother-in-law, Karen Wingo.

"I couldn't be more proud of him," Wingo told WSB-TV. "They just woke up; the house was engulfed in flames. ... He was determined to go get them regardless. He told her, 'No, I'm going,' and he went to try to go get the kids."

Gamble's bravery gave his family a second chance at life.

"He was handing them out the window, and I think he just went back to check to see if they had all gotten out," John Sumlin, a neighbor, told the news station.

"[One of the kids] said, 'John, my daddy is over there. Go get him. He's going to die,'" Sumlin recalled.

"For some reason, I believe the smoke or something must've trapped him in because the whole hall had engulfed," Wingo said.

If Gamble would've waited for help to rescue his family, they might have perished in the blaze.

On the other hand, if he hadn't double checked to make sure that all of his children were safe, he'd still be alive. But if he did not check, would he have been able to live with himself if anyone was left behind? Probably not.

There have been heroes who survived intense flames, such as the North Carolina teen who went back into a burning house to save his baby cousin. But not everyone who faces life or death situations is as lucky.

Gamble was special, and he had a purpose in life to be his children's hero. May he rest in perpetual peace.

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