Korean Business Owner Slaps Black Female Worker Over $8 Refund

“An Asian man hit his black employee because his wife was mad at me. Anybody know lawyers or how to publicize this situation?”

An appalling video that has garnered thousands of views shows a Korean business owner slapping a female African-American employee in front of the customers and other restaurant workers.

The incident reportedly took place at Doo’s Seafood in Snelville, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta. According to the Rolling Out, the eatery, which has also opened up in two other locations, is owned by an immigrant couple identified as Mr. and Mrs. Lee.

No matter how flourishing their business might be, the owners clearly lacked basic sense of human decency as by no means it was justified to physically hurt an employee.

However, the owner’s rash actions were caught on camera by a customer, Markus Moultrie, who then posted the video on Facebook.

“An Asian man hit his Black employee because his wife was mad at me because she had to give me a refund for $8.47,” Moultrie wrote. “She told her employee she had to pay for my meal. I told her that’s nonsense if you the one who f***** up my order then you need to pay for it not ya [sic] employee.”

The customer didn’t just record the horrifying behavior of the proprietor – Moultrie could also be heard in the video yelling at him for his callous actions towards the female employee. He also asked other people present at the scene if they had witnessed the ugly episode and even told Lee he was planning to call the police.

Moreover, what’s unusual, others patrons didn’t look bothered by the blatant abuse of authority by the owner – which just seems to imply something like this might happen there every now and then.

However, it is still unknown whether any law enforcement official came to the restaurant or what fate the female employee, who was humiliated in front of everyone, suffered at the hands of her rude employers.

On the company’s website, the couple stated, “they always worked hard, stayed focused on helping others and maintained a vision that one day they would be able to build something as a family they could expand. In time, they landed in the U.S. in Louisiana outside of New Orleans and found work to support their family and build a new life.”

But it seems they forgot to bring their management skills to their Snellville location and considering the ensuing outrage on social media, the couple may have to encounter legal or social justice issues in near future.

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