Trump-Loving Republican Links Boy Scouts Name Change To Nazis

“Imagine the outcome of WWII if the Greatest Generation had been raised by these politically correct bedwetters. You’d be reading this in German.”


A Republican candidate for the Georgia governor’s seat argued the Boy Scouts’ decision to change one of its primary program’s name to Scouts BSA would have led the Nazis take over the Americans in World War II.

Georgia state Sen. Michael Williams' uncalled for comments came after the historic organization decided to drop “Boy” from one of its programs with the mission to be more gender inclusive.

Williams, for no apparent reason, took this decision as a personal insult to his “masculinity.” He said the organization is bowing down to “left-wing social engineers who want to remove the concept of male masculinity from society.” He also stated had this name change occurred during World War II, Germany would have taken over Americans. How he made that connection may forever remain a mystery.

“Liberals tell us that masculinity is ‘toxic’ and that girls can be boys and boys should no longer be boys,” he said. “Imagine the outcome of World War II if the Greatest Generation had been raised by these politically correct bedwetters. You’d be reading this in German,” he stated.

He called the decision an “example of culture rot.” The official statement, published on his website, gets even more offensive.

“Our great nation desperately needs more John Waynes and fewer Pajama Boys. The hard-Left revealed their discrimination against individualism and the uniqueness of both genders. Everyone doesn’t have to fall in line and discredit the differences of each sex that make both genders unique and special. Yes, each gender is different! That’s why women are only required to complete less than half of the number of push-ups as men to pass Army Basic Training. Perhaps separate Scouting programs for boys and girls isn’t so crazy after all,” he continued.

To think a simple step to include children of both genders into a 108-year-old organization would trigger such a response from a grown man is beyond troubling.

Apart from being a “fearless conservative,” Williams also boasts he was the first Georgia elected official to endorse Donald Trump.

The organization’s decision to change its name comes as a growing effort to bring gender inclusivity.

In 2014, the organization lifted its ban on gay youth from joining the program. In 2015, it allowed gay adults to serve as employees and volunteers.

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