Mom Says School Bus Driver Dragged Her While She Was Trapped In Door

"I never stepped onto the bus. I never threatened her in any way. I simply tried to talk to the bus driver."



A mother from DeKalb County, Georgia, said her daughters’ school bus driver attacked her, driving the vehicle while she was trapped in the doors of the vehicle, putting her life in danger.

Amanda Taylor said the incident occurred when she went to confront the driver about an incident that took place with one of her daughters.

She claimed she had overheard the driver rudely addressing her 9-year-old and wanted to have a chat with the driver about her attitude. She said the driver refused to talk to her about the incident and started to drive the bus away when she was trapped in the doors of the vehicles.

The mother recorded the incident and submitted it to a local news channel. She said the bus dragged her for several yards.

"I’m yelling, 'Are you serious? I'm recording you,'” Taylor says in the video. “And she's driving.” 

The reporter who was sent the clip showed it to the DeKalb County School District authorities.

"The images in the video are disturbing, completely inappropriate and do not reflect a productive interaction between a parent and an employee. We expect disagreements to be addressed respectfully and not to the detriment of students,” the district's official statement said.

Taylor said it was most disappointing that the driver still retained her job despite the incident and several other complaints in the past.

"What really hurts me is that they still have her driving the bus," Taylor said.

According to WSB-TV, when Taylor posted the video online, many responses questioned her intention of getting into an argument. A few suggested the matter could have been solved in a better way.

Taylor debunked those assumptions.

"I never stepped onto the bus. I never threatened her in any way," Taylor said. "I simply tried to talk to the bus driver." 

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