School Acts With Indifference After Horrific Bullying Incident

A distressed Georgia mother is calling out to her son’s school to take stricter measures against students who cause harm to others.

Brooke Graves said in an interview that her hearing-impaired son was in a chemistry class when a classmate snuck up behind him, and pressed a heated tong to his arm.

"They laughed and they said, 'We branded you like that fat pig that you are,'" Graves said.

The perpetrator of the incident has not been to school since .The school district has announced that it is holding a disciplinary meeting on March 9 and said although they cannot comment on specific cases, it is probable the bullying student would be out of school till the hearing.

However Graves does not want the boy to come back to school at all and is insisting the school expel him for “intent to harm.”

Although the school insists it’s a random bullying act with no long term repercussion, the heart-broken mother is quite upset with their indifferent attitude. No doubt, Graves is afraid of the fact that her son will have to face his tormentor in school again; he might be in danger of being bullied yet again by the same boy or it could cause permanent harm to his self-esteem by being labeled by slurs like “fat pig.”

In a school premises, cases like branding a student might appear to be simply an instance of “boys being boys,” but in the real world, it is considered an assault and a crime that can easily land one in jail.

Also, with the growing concerns of bullying all over the country’ schools and universities, cases like these should no more be taken lightly. Even though, in 2012, new bills were placed by the government to put more responsibilities on schools for taking anti-bullying measures, institutes seem to be very slow in implementing them.

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