This Guy From Texas Released The Best Campaign Ad Of 2016 Elections

It was neither Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump who came up with the best campaign spot this year. It was Gerald Daugherty who won the ad race.

Americans endured some of the most boring and — thanks to Donald Trump — racist political ads this elections season.

However, amid all the madness and chaos, you might’ve missed the one shining campaign spot. In fact, it could qualify as the only entertaining and most uplifting ad for a candidate this year.

It was released by Gerald Daugherty, a Texas Republican seeking re-election as a Travis County Commissioner.

The best part about his spot is his wife, Charlyn, who desperately wants Gerald back in his office — and out of the house.

"Gerald really doesn't have any hobbies," Charlyn tells voters.

As Daugherty discusses local county problems while washing the dishes in the video, Charlyn rolls her eyes, further indicating how important it is for her to get him re-elected.

"All he wants to do is fix things," she explains.

For more, watch the hilarious ad in the video above.

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