'Gang-Raping Muslim Men': Twitter Bans German MP Over Racist Tweet

The far-right AfD politician's Twitter account is banned for violation of site's rules on racism.

Beatrix von Storch, of Germany’s far-right AfD party, is facing a police interrogation over her racist comments against Muslims on New Year's Eve.

After an Arabic tweet from Cologne police, von  Storch fiercely accused them of appeasing "barbaric, gang-raping Muslim hordes of men."


Due to violation of the social media website's rules, Twitter temporarily suspended von Storch's account for 12 hours. The police in Cologne are now investing whether she has committed a criminal offense.

A few months ago, Germany enacted new hate speech laws. Violators face fines.

Meanwhile, AfD kept emphasizing that the removal of von Storch's tweet and the banning of her account was a form of censorship. Writing on Facebook, Alice Weidel, the leader of AfD, wrote that authorities were submitting to "imported, marauding, groping, abusive, knife-stabbing migrant mobs."

A lot of Twitter users have bashed von Storch, accusing her of being a racist and anti-Muslim.





A few even called her a Nazi.



Von Storch's Islamophobic tweet about Muslim is a reference to the 2015 New Year's Eve incident, in which at least 1,200 Cologne women were allegedly sexually assaulted by men, who were later identified as “mostly young men aged 18 to 35 from the Arab or North African region.”

On this New Year's Eve, a special "safety zone" was created for women in Berlin for the first time ever.

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