German Supermarket Empties Shelves To Make A Powerful Point

Edeka Supermarket in Hamburg, Germany, emptied its shelves of foreign food products to illustrate the richness of diversity and the harmful effects of racism.

Customers at Edeka market in Hamburg, Germany, were astonished to find empty food shelves last week.

The German supermarket removed foreign-made products from its shelves, and replaced them with anti-xenophobic signs to illustrate the importance of diversity and the dastardly effects of racism.

One sign greeted confused customers saying, “This shelf is quite boring without variety.” Other signs throughout the store similarly commented against racism and promoted diversity. 

The supermarket's decision was met with mixed reactions, with some praising the market's boldness, and others claiming a supermarket has no place in politics. 

Edeka's stunt comes at an important time in Germany. Germany's federal elections take place on Sept. 24th and the key question is will Angela Merkel, the current chancellor, remain in power?

Some critics attacked Merkel's decision to accept hundreds and thousands of refugees into Germany's borders, while others have praised her humanitarian efforts.

Fascism and nationalism are also once again on the rise in Europe, but Germany has historically held limitations against right-wing extremism and the rebirth of neo-Nazi hate. 

Merkel condemned the violence in Charlottesville, and spoke against hate groups both in Germany and in the United States. 

“It is racist, far-right violence and clear, forceful action must be taken against it, regardless of where in the world it happens,” Ms. Merkel said in an interview with the German public broadcasters Deutschlandfunk and Phoenix.

This move by Edeka may be stand against racism and hatred in Germany, but its statement rings loud and true across the globe. 

“Edeka stands for variety and diversity. In our stores we sell numerous foods which are produced in the various regions of Germany," said a spokesperson from Edeka

“But only together with products from other countries it is possible to create the unique variety, that our consumers value. We are pleased that our campaign caused so many positive reactions.”


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