German Teen Who Ran Away To Join ISIS: 'I Just Want To Go Home'

The teenager from Pulsnitz says she regrets having joined ISIS and she's now ready to help German authorities so she can go back home to her family.


German teenager Linda Wenzel, 16, appears to have tried to join ISIS in Iraq, only to terribly regret her actions.

Wenzel allegedly left her hometown of Pulsnitz in Germany last year to join the militant group in Iraq. But as Iraqi forces took Mosul back from ISIS earlier this month, she was captured and taken to a military base, The Guardian reports.

When talking to German media, Wenzel was quoted as saying she wants to “get away from the war, away from the many weapons, the noise.”

“I just want to go home to my family,” she added.

German media also claimed that during their interview, which was carried out in the infirmary of a Baghdad military complex, the girl told reporters she regretted having traveled to Iraq to join ISIS. Now, she is allegedly looking forward to cooperating with authorities so she may be extradited back to Germany.

German authorities had been looking into reports concerning a teenage girl who fled Pulsnitz last summer via Turkey, believing she had been in contact with ISIS and that she may have been involved in preparing a possible act of terrorism. According to Lorenz Haase, a prosecutor in Dresden, Germany, the girl they were investigating was Wenzel.

As Mosul was being taken from ISIS, the girl was said to have suffered a gunshot to her left thigh. She has also sustained an injury to her right knee. Both occurred during a helicopter attack, reports claim.

It's truly heartbreaking to learn of young men and women leaving their lives behind to join violent groups like ISIS abroad. What's worse is to see that many of them aren't able to make the trip back, suffering greatly and sometimes even dying as a result of their poorly-thought-out decisions.

We hope this story sends a message to other young men and women everywhere that this type of involvement with militant organizations is just not worth it.

Banner and thumbnail image credit: Reuters/Alkis Konstantinidis

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