German Woman Dispels Rumors About Migrants With A Simple Map

While many false rumors about migrants are whipping around, one German woman is bringing the truth into focus.

German hoax maps

With the surge of migrants in Germany, many false rumors and hoaxes have been circulating about them among locals. Interestingly, one Germany woman only know as Karolin has created an online “hoax map” to break down these false narratives, and show people that most stories going around about migrants are nothing more than mere allegations.

The map points out locations where various incidents or criminal activities are supposed to have taken place, and gives with it the date of the incident and a brief description of what happened. A link provided right there takes visitors to a news report where investigations have been carried out and the incident has been proved to be false.

Until now, 187 points across Germany have been marked out on the map, and according to the Sueddeutsche Zeitung newspaper, most of the incidents are original stories that were taken out of context and went viral on social media, while the rest are entirely fabricated.

With this initiative, Karolin hopes that people will stop believing false rumors that are forming a bad image of migrants.

Social media has also played a significant role in promoting instances that people have reported, since others don’t generally look into the authenticity of information before sharing and passing it on. Karolin therefore states that numerous events have caused the creation of this map and hopefully it will assist people in validating what is and what isn’t true.

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