Dad Hits Back At Incessant Tweeting: 'Get Off Twitter. Go To Work'

Just as Russia warns America that U.S. jets attacking Syrian forces will be considered hostile, the president takes to Twitter to complain about Democrats.

As things begin to look ugly for the United States in Syria, President Donald Trump, once again, found it prudent to ignore the imminent risks U.S. soldiers may be facing in order to publish an early morning tweet to complain about Democrats.

Thankfully, the internet did not forgive him, as a concerned father and citizen promptly responded to the president telling him to get to work.

Just before 5:30 a.m. on Monday, Trump posted a tweet criticizing Democrats for attacking tax cuts, his border wall security plans, and GOP's health care plans, urging his followers to vote for Karen Handel for Congress.

A few minutes later, father and Twitter user Mike Rundle issued a scathing reply to the president, reminding him that Russia had condemned Sunday's downing of a Syrian warplane by the U.S. and would consider any attack against Syrian forces an act of “military aggression."

After Russia criticized America's escalation in the region by downing a Syrian jet this past Sunday, the U.S. confirmed it would continue to conduct air operations over the region and added that “partnered forces on the ground” will also continue to receive support from the Pentagon.

Still, Gen. Joseph F. Dunford Jr., the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said that this situation is complicated, and that the U.S. will continue to work toward “[re-establishing] deconfliction.”

Triggering the ire of Russia by going directly after Syrian forces could eventually trigger a conflict that would pit the two countries with the greatest number of nuclear warheads in their arsenal against one another. As Rundle expressed in his reply to the president, the moment is a tense one, and it calls for strong but diplomatic leadership.

With the president so unwilling to take these matters seriously by simply choosing to tweet his presidency away, it's somewhat unsettling to know all of this is unfolding under Trump's watch. Will he put the phone down once Russia actually threatens the U.S. militarily in a more direct way, or will he wait until Americans die to act?

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