Giant Sinkhole In Italy Guzzles Nearly 20 Parked Cars

A popular tourist area in Florence, Italy, was evacuated and left without water after a pipe breakage caused a huge sinkhole that ripped through the streets.

There’s a humongous sinkhole in Italy that swallowed nearly 20 parked cars.

Right in the middle of Florence — near a popular tourist area along the Arno River — a massive sinkhole opened up and devoured peoples’ vehicles.

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According to ABC News, a major pipe broke in the area which resulted in water gushing onto the roadway and tearing through the asphalt. The powerful flood of water created a 200-meter-long (650 ft.) and 7-meter-wide (23 ft.) sinkhole.

Early reports said that the Arno River overflowed which caused the nightmarish scene, but it was later revealed that was not the case.

Cleanup crews immediately evacuated the area. Access to the neighborhood was restricted, and the water supply was temporarily cut in nearby areas while technicians tried to fix the broken pipe, The New York Times reports.

An investigation into the pipe breakage is reportedly underway.

Luckily, there have been no reports of deaths or injuries as a result of the disaster — but, let’s hope the drivers of all those cars are covered for sinkholes under their insurance!

Thumbnail/Banner Credits: Chris Wattie / Reuters

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