13 Men Rape Teen Girl For 2 Months, Tattoo Her With Swastika

"They held me for about two months, and raped and tortured me. I will never forgive them. They have destroyed me," said the 17-year-old.

In a harrowing display of brutality, a gang of 13 men, kidnapped, gang-raped and physically tortured a 17-year-old girl in Morocco.

People were outraged after local media broke the report of her gang- rape. The monsters also reportedly tattooed her body with swastikas after raping her.

The girl identified only as Khadija revealed on local TV channel, Shoof, that she was held captive for about two months in the town of Olad Ayad, in the central Moroccan province of Beni Mellal. She said the disgusting men gang raped her every day for two months. They also burned her body with cigarettes and tattooed swastikas all over her arms, legs, neck and back with a homemade devise.

"They held me for about two months, and raped and tortured me, I will never forgive them. They have destroyed me," she lamented.

Police discovered about this atrocious incident only after the victim was released from captivity and narrated her story.

According to reports, eight suspects were arrested in connection the teenager’s abduction and the trial was set to begin in September.  The law enforcement agencies are searching for the five remaining thugs.

Buchra Abdou, the founder of the Tahadi Association for Equality and Citizenship, said her organization will provide the victim with a psychologist because she experienced "one of the most savages acts I have seen in my entire life."

People on social media have launched a campaign to highlight the plight of the victim after her testimony went viral. Over 12,000 people signed a petition demanding the government of King Mohammed VI provide Khadija with medical and psychological care on an urgent basis.






This isn’t the first story of gang rape from the province of Beni Mellal. Just recently, a group of five men reportedly gang-raped an 18-year-old teenager. The unnamed young man was drugged by the suspects and then raped after which he remained unconscious for 15 days. He is still struggling to live a normal life as his body is not functioning properly.

Thumbnail/Banner Image: Getty Images, Bilgin S. Sasmaz, Anadolu Agency

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