Girl Found In Small Casket Gets A Funeral 145 Years Later

An unknown girl was recently found in a small glass casket in San Francisco and was given a funeral over a century after her original burial.

Envision yourself or a loved one being placed in a casket and left in the middle of San Francisco, without a proper burial or funeral service during the time of one’s death.

For an unknown 3-year-old girl in the Richmond District of San Francisco, this was her reality.

A mysterious, 3-year-old girl was recently found in a small, glass and metal casket with her blonde hair and her rose flower preserved in the coffin for over a century.

The girl’s remainswere found by construction workers under a garage floor of a home they were remodeling.

The story went viral and over the weekend, over 100 people attended a funeral service at Greenlawn Memorial Park, which was organized by a founder of a local charity.  

On the little girl’s tombstone at the memorial park, her name has been written as Miranda Eve- even though her birth name is unknown.

Locals were moved by the discovery of the 3-year-old and felt she deserved to have a reburial.

“I just felt she needed to have people here,” Heather Reynolds, who attended the service, said.

Ericka Karner, owner of the home where the child’s body and casket was found, was surprised of the news that there was a small child buried in her beloved home, according to The Washington Post.

“I was shocked because there was a small child’s casket underneath the home,” Karner said.

Karner was unable to provide the girl a proper burial service because the child did not have a known name, therefore, she was unable to get a death certificate for the child or a burial permit.

Elissa Davey, founder of Garden of Innocence, a nonprofit charity that holds funeral services for unidentified children, heard about the story and decided to help organize a funeral for the child.

After a successful funeral service with hundreds in attendance, Davey is committed to keep researching who exactly the child is. 

Banner Image Credit: KRON4 News, Twitter user

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