Little Girl Gifted Bike After Donating Her Savings To Flood Victims

Anupriya was saving money to buy a bicycle but donated her savings to a Kerala floods’ relief fund instead. Her good deed has provided her with a new bicycle.

A young girl who donated her piggy bank money to a Kerala floods’ relief fund is now the recipient of a good deed herself.

The girl, identified only as Anupriya, 8, is from the town of Viluppuram in Tamil Nadu, India, and had been saving her money in anticipation of buying herself a bicycle. KC Shanmuganathan is the girl’s father and taught Anupriya how to save money.

Anupriya was able to save 8,246 Indian rupees, which amounts to about $118. She saved her money for a total of four years.

With some help from her dad, Anupriya donated 9,000 Indian rupees to Chief Minister's Disaster Relief Fund. More than 350 people have died from the floods in Kerala and many have been left homeless.

Anupriya told reporters that she decided to donate the money after seeing footage of the deadly floods.

“I have been saving money for a cycle. But when I saw visuals of Kerala flood on TV, I decided to donate the money,” she said.

Hero Cycles was moved by Anupriya’s selfless gesture and decided to give her a new bicycle. The company also promised her a brand new bike every year.  

What a relief to know there are people like Anupriya being raised in the world. Her kind gift and sacrifice has inspired a business to be gracious as well.

The young, good Samaritan sets an excellent example of how people should treat each other in times of need. Philanthropists with deeper pockets could stand to learn a lesson from her.  

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