Girl Who Tweeted Horrors Of Aleppo Has Been Safely Evacuated

The 7-year-old Syrian girl who captivated the internet by tweeting from Aleppo has emerged safe and sound after being evacuated from the city.

Popular Syrian Twitter user Bana Alabed has officially been evacuated from Aleppo.

The 7-year-old became well-known in the Twittersphere for documenting all of the horrors she witnessed in the war-torn city.

Last week, prior to the announcement of the cease-fire, Alabed tweeted what she thought might be her final communication as the government forces began closing in on the city with thousands of civilians trapped.

By Monday morning, journalists were tweeting photos with Alabed, announcing that she had survived along with many other civilians.

With the help of her mother, Alabed used the Twitter handle @alabedbana. She gained more than 300,000 followers as she offered regular updates on her family’s safety amid nightly airstrikes and bombings.

At one point, Alabed disappeared from Twitter, prompting fears that she had perished, and the hashtag #WhereisBana started trending in an effort to locate her whereabouts.

The images now circulating of her safe and sound while donning a big smile are offering a glimpse of light in what has been a very dark and tumultuous time for Syria.

As cease-fires are still being negotiated and thousands are still waiting to be evacuated, it’s clear that Aleppo’s troubles are far from over — but, seeing proof of so many people being brought to safety represents hope. 

Banner Photo Credit: Reuters 

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